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Machu Picchu

Click the picture to find out

more about this mysterious, ancient city of the Inca.

Have you thought about using Spanish after high school?  Knowing a foreign language can be helpful and even essential in hundreds of careers!  Click the button above to find out if your interests match up with one of them.

Playa Del Carmen

This beautiful beach can be found on the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico.  Click on the picture to find out more about traveling here.


!Hola!  Thank you for visiting Srta. Selice's page.


Students: Click the link that will take you to your class page to check assignments, find out about upcoming events, and get other helpful information.  Check out this welcome page for links to cultural information, travel destinations, recipies, possible careers, interesting facts, and the word of the day.

Please remember that classroom expectations are simple.  You will act in a respectful manner.  You will treat others with respect and demand it in return.  No student will disrupt the learning of others.

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